John Slaughter-Owner/Founder

Growing up in Idaho, in a big family that ran a restaurant, to being a dishwasher/busser, waiter and bartender in some of the busiest and upscale restaurants in Denver during his teens and into his twenties, to learning art and the art of tattooing and opening one of the most successful tattoo studios in Denver, all while dancing with and supporting the Lakota Tribe nation in South Dakota and being an active community member in the Arts District on Santa Fe, becoming a father and husband has all been the driving force of John Slaughter opening up his own restaurant. He hopes that community, culture and artistry can come together as one in Amazing food and service.

Pistol Whip is a name that stuck with John for the exact purpose of it being catchy and a name you cant forget. He wants everyone to remember the creative name by their experience, the amazing food and the superb service. The meaning of Pistol Whip for John is none other than an amazing dining experience.

John has been in the Art District for 18 years and has always supported local business, he is proactive in giving back and donating when he can. Community is everything to him, being creative and sharing his talents is what he strives for every day.

Johns other business Tribe Tattoo (which is conveniently located right next door to Pistol Whip) is culturally competent. John hires and supports local artists of all ethnicity's which the same applies to his restaurant. The talents we can all learn from each other makes working together that much more exciting. In art and food we are all related. Mitakuye Oyasin!